Dorothy Klein Botanicals

Dorothy Klein of Northern California produces some of the finest prints and cards of California native plants. Brilliant colors and fluid lines bring out each plant’s natural motion and spirit. Notecards are $3.00 each and measure 4 1/8″ x 6 1/4″.  See postcards page for more images.  © D. Klein.


Crimson Columbine

#CK001 $3.00


Western Azalea

#CK002 $3.00


California Christmas Berry, or Toyon

#CK008 $3.00

Tiger Lily#CK005 $3.00


Paintbrush and Blacktail Jackrabbit

#CK004 $3.00


California Mules’ Ears #CK006 $3.00


Iris, Goldfields, and Blue-eyed Grass

#CK007 $3.00