Scotland Plants & Animals

Notecards based on the flora & fauna of Scotland and the poems of Robert Burns.

Twa Dogs 768 finalThe Twa Dogs
Featuring Robert Burns’ poem The Twa Dogs, a social commentary on the different lives of the gentry and the common folk as seen through the eyes of the twa dogs.

5″ x 7″

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To A Mouse 1175 x 1607To A Mouse
One of Robert Burns’ best known poems from the Kilmarnock volume, in which the poet contemplates the trials of both mice and men.

5″ x 7″

SCO04 $3.00

Featuring the Common Hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna – Pendreich, Bridge of Allan, Scotland

5″ x 7″

SCO01 $3.00

02 Posie Final 768 Edwards best image

The Posie
A posie depicting all of the flowers mentioned in Robert Burns’ poem along with a “silken band o’ luve.”

5″ x 7″

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Wildflowers of Scotland postcard
Scotland’s most beloved wildflowers. All photos taken on Gillies Hill.4″ x 6″

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Burns 02

Favourite Wildflowers of Robert Burns.

5″ x 7″ postcard
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